Reasons to Work with a Family Mediation Lawyer

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There are several reasons to work with a family mediation lawyer. Many people think that family mediation is just for divorces and child custody issues. While this is a large portion of family mediation, it can also be used for separation between a married couple, the division of property, inherited assets among family members, family business matters, and elder care decisions. Any legal matter that needs to be settled among family members can be settled with a family mediation lawyer in Rancho Cucamonga.

Family Mediation Saves Money

The number one reason people utilize family mediation lawyers is the amount of money it can save. Mediation fees, even if it is a lawyer, are typically less than a lawyer’s litigation fees. Furthermore, when mediation is utilized, there is typically only one lawyer whose fees can be split between all parties involved in the mediation.  Since the legal matter is decided outside of a court, there are no filing fees or court fees. This can equate to a considerable amount of savings.

Family Mediation Saves Time

Mediation helps resolve family issues in much less time than required by a regular court proceeding. The amount of time needed to come to an agreement depends on the schedule of the parties involved and the mediation lawyer. Unlike a standard court, you do not have to file your case and then wait to be put on a judge’s docket. The moment family members come to a law binding agreement, the mediations are over.

Family Mediation Saves Families

Litigation, for whatever reason, amongst family members can be quite unpleasant. Litigations lawyers can further drive a wedge among family members with aggressive tactics used in court. Mediation is a less formal setting that encourages family members to discuss the issues, compromise, and arrive at an agreement together. A court tends to pit family members against each other instead of encouraging cooperation. It is not uncommon for family litigation to further divide a family because of these reasons.

Not All Mediation is Created Equal

Mediation rules can change from state to state. It is also important to be aware that only a mediation lawyer can give legal advice. There are mediation professionals that have the right to conduct a legally binding mediation, but they are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice. If you or other family members need legal advice as part of the mediation it is crucial to seek a mediation lawyer.

No one wants to think about having to take a family member to court or mediation, but the reality is that the situation could arise. It is important to know that there are options that can make a difficult situation less painful and expensive than dragging family issues through a court system.

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