Who to Sue in a Multiple-Car Accident

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It can be difficult to determine who is liable for a crash when there are only two cars involved, but the situation becomes much more complex when there are multiple cars involved in the accident. Chances are, that the vehicle that hit another car was bumped from behind—the most common cause of multiple car pileups.

Eventually, determining who is liable for the accident will be determined on a case by case basis by either the court or the insurance companies. However, there are several general principles which can help you figure out your legal rights in multiple car accident situations.


Who Is to Blame?

In the case of a rear-end collision, involving two vehicles, it is usually the vehicle from behind which is at fault, irrespective of how abruptly the vehicle in the front stopped. In the scenario in which there is a pile-up of three or more cars, the car that rammed into the front vehicle will still typically be at fault, unless it was rammed by another car from behind it.

Drivers of cars that are pushed into the vehicle ahead of it by the car behind it have no control over the accident; therefore, they will not be at fault. In general, the first vehicle behind them, which failed to stop, and was responsible for the chain of crashes will be at fault for the entire accident.


Who to Sue

Typically, you sue whoever was involved in the crash, as well as whoever was arguably negligent. In case you were involved in an accident with a vehicle driven by a professional driver, working for a commercial firm, you might consider the employee of the driver as well as the driver as defendants.

In such a scenario, you should also look for negligence in the hiring process of the driver. For example, you should check whether that driver was trained and properly licensed. The details of the accident also determine who you will choose as the appropriate defendant. Choosing the appropriate defendant also depends on several factors:

  • Details of the pile up
  • State laws
  • The number of drivers involved
  • Who is to be blamed

Apart from the factors mentioned above, there are numerous other questions that you might not be able to answer authoritatively by yourself. In such a scenario, it is best to discuss the issue with an ABQ auto accident lawyer. This is the best professional to provide you with proper advice regarding negligence cases and insurance claims. Auto accident lawyers offer you free consultations and will be happy to assess your case.


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