How to Get Your Social Security Disability Claim Approved

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Filing a social security disability (SSD) claim can be a complicated and frustrating process, especially when you have to deal with denial. However, the secret is to know how to get your social security disability claim approved fast. In most cases, this requires you to learn about the mistakes that lead to denial and correct them when filing your application.

To ensure that you get all your SSD benefits, as required by the law, here are the top ideas that you can use:

1. File Your SSD Claim Fast

Provided that you meet the requirements set by the Social Security Administration (SSA), you shouldn’t waste any time. You need to file your SSD claim as soon as possible. Considering that the appeal process is likely to take more time, filing the claim early helps to save you time as you await the outcome. Simply put, the sooner you file the claim, the sooner you’ll get the benefits.

2. Hire a Lawyer

It’s advisable to hire an SSD lawyer in Boston if you are looking to improve your chances of getting SSD benefits. In case you are required to submit an appeal, the attorney will help you do it fast and correctly so that you don’t suffer another denial. Other than helping you prepare the documents, the attorney will help you to get ready for the hearing.

3. Collect Medical Records

Medical records are strong pieces of evidence when negotiating for SSD benefits. When the records seem convincing, chances are higher that your application will be approved. From the time that you obtain the documents from the hospital, you need to keep them safe and arrange them correctly. It’s also advisable to continue seeing your doctor and keep the subsequent records.

4. Involve Your Physician

It’s not enough just to collect medical records. You also need the involvement of your doctor throughout the claim application process. For starters, you need the doctor to help you fill an RFC (residual functional capacity) form. The form is used to assess your ability or inability to work. Additionally, you need your doctor to direct you on the top SSD “dos and don’ts” to improve your approval chances.

5. Prepare Work Documents

The problem with most people is that they only attach medical records without attaching work documents. This often leads to a denial since the application is considered incomplete. Just like you need to prepare medical records, you also need to prepare your work records. The documents should be attached to your application form.

6. Show Respect and Patience

Though you may feel considerable pain, you should always remain respectful. You don’t have to make it obvious that you are frustrated with the proceedings or that you think the SSA staff is slow. The moment you show them your disappointment, you lower your chances of having your claim approved. Always keep time, watch your words, and dress decently.

7. Be Prompt with the Follow-Ups

The SSA may require you to make further submissions or offer clarifications upon the filing of your SSD claim. They expect you to be prompt in your responses to facilitate a quick process. Some of the things that you must prepare upon submission of your initial application include a consultative exam and records of your continuous rehabilitation program.

Surely, knowing how to get your social security disability claim approved is key to enjoying the benefits outlined by the law. You need to prepare for the tough run, though.  This not only reduces the likelihood of your claim being denied, but it also gives you the advantage of getting fair compensation.

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