How Are Long Island Speed Limits Determined?

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No matter what part of the United States you are in, chances are the general population has complained about speed limits in certain areas of town. The complaints usually seem to be more rampant in older areas, since speed limits do not always evolve with the times. Out in Long Island, there are more than a few areas with questionable speed limits, but how are these speed limits determined? The answer might not always be that easy to find.

The modern car is much different than the old days. Improved performance and safety features should make it easier for drivers to maintain a certain speed. The speed limit of twenty-five MPH or thirty-five MPH for a road might have been set decades ago, but never updated to today’s world.

Another reason why speed limits might seem off is the evolution of certain areas. In Long Island, some places that used to be populated with pedestrians and bicyclists at all hours of the day are not nearly as populated now. Despite the decrease in pedestrians, the roads are still viewed in the same way they were twenty to thirty years ago. It’s frustrating for drivers to have to drop down to a very slow speed if there is practically no traffic or people on the sidewalks.

Finally, a lot of speed limits are determined with the assumption that drivers are going to go over the speed limit anyway. It is impossible to put an exact number on it, but most law enforcement won’t bother pulling over anyone who is barely going over the speed limit. Sometimes it takes going more than ten MPH over the speed limit to catch their attention. If it is pretty much assumed that people are going to speed, increasing the speed limit could really cause chaos on the roads.

New roads in Long Island tend to usually have pretty fair speed limits. That is because they are being set in present time. Maybe those same roads in thirty to forty years will be looked at differently. For now, they serve today’s world well.

For those frustrated with speed limits in Long Island because they were issued a ticket, unfortunately not a ton can really be done. The best bet for the best possible outcome is to seek out a Long Island speeding ticket attorney who knows what they are doing. They can advise on the proper form of action going forward.

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