How to Know if Your Auto Insurance Settlement Is Fair

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If you have a road accident, there are numerous obstacles to navigate in the aftermath based on how severe and extensive your injuries are. Of course, the financial assistance you receive from your insurer goes some way towards compensating you for your problems. If your insurance settlement is unfair, it feels like your insurer has added insult to injury. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how to know if your auto insurance settlement is fair—prior to agreeing to anything.

Evaluate the Offer

Several factors related to your claim will determine the offer that your insurance adjuster makes. If the settlement offer is low, it could be for numerous reasons. Perhaps only some of the details about your accident are known to your insurer. Maybe, they believe that there’s a high likelihood that they will win a legal case, due to the nature of your circumstances or because they can prove you were negligent in some way.

In addition, low settlement offers can be a negotiating strategy. Closely examining the details that have been given to your insurer should assist you in understanding their stance. This will facilitate your efforts to win or negotiate a bigger payout. It is sensible to get an Austin car accident lawyer to review your written reply to ensure that you do not unintentionally damage your case.

Be Aware of Your Medical Expenses

You should check that your insurer adds up every medical expense associated with your accident. This includes drugs, out of pocket fees, the cost of any treatments (both now and in future), and even the transport costs you must pay to visit your doctor. If you suffered major injuries and need long-term treatment, such as regular hospital trips and physical therapy, make sure that your insurance adjuster takes all these things into account.

Value Your Non-Financial Damages

When you submit a claim for damages arising from a car accident, you can request compensation for things that do not have a monetary value. Examples include emotional turmoil, suffering and pain, relationship problems with your children, partner or parents (known as ‘loss of consortium’), and your inability to complete daily activities or pursue hobbies (often referred to as ‘loss of life enjoyment’). In comparison to financial damages, determining your non-financial damages is a more subjective matter. There is not a one-size-fits-all process that lawyers and judges use to calculate these things. Consequently, your suffering and pain could be valued completely differently from one court to the next. Often, this means that it is hard for you to gauge your non-financial damages without assistance from a legal professional.

Enlist the Services of an Auto Accident Lawyer

Correctly valuing your auto accident claim is no trivial feat, particularly if you are trying to recover from a serious injury. Nevertheless, it needs to be done to avoid being treated unfairly. To make this process easier for you, you should enlist the services of a car accident lawyer. A reputable lawyer will significantly increase the chance of you getting a good settlement which reflects the extent of your injuries and emotional distress.

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