NYC Drunk Driving Statistics

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While fewer people than ever are choosing to drink and drive, driving under the influence is still a major problem that many New York drivers face on the road. Unfortunately, many drivers face serious accidents because someone wasn’t careful about not driving under the influence.

So, what do we know about these New York drivers who do choose to drive while intoxicated? Some statistics can help us understand why these accidents happen and what you can expect from your accident, so reach out to a NY attorney for help if you’re concerned about your drunk driving accident.

Drunk Driving Fatalities Are Serious

While New York’s government has implemented programs and initiatives to encourage people not to drink and drive, it’s still a problem that affects hundreds of thousands of people a year. Unfortunately, that means you could be the victim of a car crash or you might have lost a loved one because someone else decided to drink and drive.

While only a few percent of people report driving while intoxicated, the death rate is still high. In New York alone, about 1.7 people per 100,000 people on the road were killed by drunk drivers in a single year. While that number changes from year to year, many people are still being killed by drunk drivers.

Drunk driving accidents are especially deadly. People who are driving impaired tend to be speeding, distracted, weaving and wandering, or otherwise not giving the road their attention. All these factors are a recipe for a fatality.

Small Amounts Can Be a Problem, Too

Many people assume that they can drink only a little bit and still be okay to drive. This is a major problem because any level of impairment can be a major hazard. Even small amounts can affect your decision-making abilities, increasing your risk of a serious accident.

For example, if a driver had only a drink or two, he or she is already impaired. Even a single drink can impact your reaction time, which can be vital to avoiding an accident. It can also affect judgement, which means even more risk-taking.

Even your vision and color perception can be affected. Alcohol can cause blurred vision, double vision, and other serious effects. Keep in mind, too, that a large part of reading signs involves colors. For example, if a driver can’t tell the difference between the color of the traffic lights or can’t make out a sign because they aren’t perceiving enough contrast in the color, that person may cause a serious accident in an intersection.

Get Help After Your Crash

Sadly, you might have already been injured in a serious car accident because someone chose to drink and drive. Now, you’re suffering and injured, and the bills are piling up. However, fighting without a Brooklyn car wreck lawyer on your side won’t be easy, either.

Instead, you may need help finding the worth of your claim when someone chooses to drive drunk and injure you as a result. They were careless with your safety, and you deserve compensation for that. So, if you’re struggling after an accident, you’ll need to reach out and look at more than specifics. You’ll also need to look at what will get you the results you need.

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