Personal Injury Lawyer: 3 Reasons Why You Need

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Greenstein & Milbauer Law knows that, as any plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit can tell you, a person’s entire life can change in the blink of an eye. Who hasn’t heard a story of how a simple drive to the grocery store or to work ended in tragedy? How many times has the news reported on a straightforward trip to the doctor resulting in anguish after a misdiagnosis? What members of the public don’t always realize is that almost everyone is a lapse of judgment or a missed turn signal away from having their lives disrupted due to a personal injury. Interestingly enough, it’s this sense of the mundane that makes it worthwhile for there to be at least one personal injury lawyer residents know that they can come to for the purposes of pursuing a lawsuit.

Why Should You Hire an Injury Lawyer ?

We would like to remind you that with a motto like “Near nature. Near perfect”, it’s safe to say that a substantial segment of Spokane has a “Can Do” attitude towards various tasks. For people who are used to being independent and in control of their affairs, surrendering their hard-earned cash to a lawyer when the case is almost certainly going to be a “sure thing” is going to be a hard sell. If you’ve ever wondered what the benefits of hiring a personal lawyer for your case would be, then you need to keep reading.

1. Have a Better Chance of Winning Your Lawsuit

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2005 plaintiffs in civil cases that made it to trial won 56% of the time. In other words, the person who was doing the suing generally had a reasonable expectation of winning when the lawsuit was taken to trial. Craig Swapp Law knows that although these odds are certainly better than 50/50, this is still a number that suggests that you don’t want to leave any aspect of your lawsuit to chance when you place it before the jury. This is where the skill and education of an experienced lawyer are sure to be an invaluable asset.

2. Pursue Your Lawsuit in a Way That Makes Solid Financial Sense

Many know that personal injury lawsuits differ dramatically from criminal proceedings in the sense that it isn’t enough to simply win. Litigation is expensive and as such the financial reality of pursuing a lawsuit is often one of the biggest reasons why sometimes it may be in your best interests to settle your claim before it sees the inside of a courtroom.

As the Bureau of Justice Statistics noted in its publication on punitive awards, or damages awarded because the judge or jury found the defendant’s behavior worthy of sanction, punitive damages were sought in 12% of civil trials yet these damages were only received in 30% of the trials in which the plaintiff won while seeking such awards. In other words, just because you’ve won, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be successful in securing additional awards or even adequate judgement.

One of the benefits of hiring a lawyer is that you’ll be placing your lawsuit in the hands of an experienced professional who will be able to perform the sort of cost-benefit analysis that’s necessary in civil litigation to ensure that you are able to maximize your chances of reaching a beneficial outcome.

3. An Injury Lawyer Can Present Your Case in the Best Light Possible

A personal injury lawyer knows that along the same lines, it’s not enough to simply show up at your civil trial with an airtight case, although a strong set of facts will certainly help your cause in front of the jury. As the person who lived through the events that led to the personal injury, it’s safe to say that you probably know the facts of your story best. However, winning trials often boils down to one thing: excellent presentation.

Juries and judges typically have their own local practices and preferences and it’s important to have a solid sense of your audience long before your lawsuit goes to trial. This is where the experience of a seasoned lawyer who knows the “tricks of the trade” can put your claim in a stronger position at trial.

Many know that contrary to popular belief, personal injury litigation isn’t about petty revenge or extracting every penny you can get. It’s about making sure that at the end of the lawsuit you are in a financial position that allows you to nurse your injuries and begin the long road to recovery. There are all sorts of arguments that are would tend to discourage the hiring of a lawyer after a serious auto or truck collision. Even so, by retaining a personal injury lawyer, Spokane-based litigants can place themselves in a better position to win their lawsuits, ensure a better chance of being compensated for injury whether through negotiation or trial, and allow themselves an opportunity to tell their story in a way that resonates with the judge or jury. Basically, if your goal is to achieve the best possible outcome in your lawsuit, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from hiring a professional lawyer.